6th French/Belgian OpenFOAM® users conference

13 & 14 of june 2023

University of Grenoble


IFPEN, Foam-Utilisateurs (the French OpenFOAM® users group), the Belgian OpenFOAM® users group are pleased to invite you to the french/belgian conference of OpenFOAM® users. For the fifth year (minus covid) in a row, this event aims to bring together OpenFOAM® users as well as those interested in potential applications of the software. People from academia and industry are invited to present advances in their relevant research and development fields exchanging ideas and information in an interdisciplinarity environment. This conference will provide an ideal opportunity to develop new collaborations and to meet experts.

More to come !

Organizing Commitee
  • Lionel Gamet (IFPEN)

  • Talib Dbouk (IMT Lille Douai)

  • Victor Pozzobon (CentraleSupelec)

  • Yann Recoquillon (Aero Concept Engineering)

  • Julien Réveillon (Univ. de Rouen Normandie)

  • David Uystepruyst (Univ. Valenciennes)