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6th French/Belgian OpenFOAM® users conference

13 & 14 of june 2023

Université Grenoble Alpes


LEGI, Foam-Utilisateurs (the French OpenFOAM® users group), the Belgian OpenFOAM® users group are pleased to invite you to the french/belgian conference of OpenFOAM® users. For the sixth year (minus covid) in a row, this event aims to bring together OpenFOAM® users as well as those interested in potential applications of the software. People from academia and industry are invited to present advances in their relevant research and development fields exchanging ideas and information in an interdisciplinarity environment. This conference will provide an ideal opportunity to develop new collaborations and to meet experts.

Call for contribution and dates

You are kindly encouraged to participate actively by submitting a presentation title.

We would like to keep it simple. As in previous years, the title of your contribution will suffice for the submission procedure. Whenever possible, we try to accommodate everyone but the number of places being limited, a selection will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.


Be careful not to submit at the last minute !

Important dates :

march 15 - 2023 : end of early bird registration

June 13th & 14 th - 2023 : conference dates


Be careful not to submit at the last minute : first come, first served !

Registration and fees

  • early bird registration : 200 €

  • Past the early-bird date : EB+50€

  • Foam-U supporting registration : 350 €




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Project Engineer CFD at ESI Engineering System International GmbH


Gabriel Barajas Ojeda

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CFD Developer & Physicist at IH Cantabria


Federico Piscaglia

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Professor at the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER) at Politecnico di Milano


The program will be updated as we go along, so please check back regularly.

Day 1 :

09:00–9h:45 Registration desk opens
09:45–10:00 Welcome addresses
10:00–12:30 Conference session
12:30–13:30 Lunch & coffee
13:30–18:00 Plenary talk and Conference session
20h00 –23:00 Conference banquet : L'épicurien


Day 2 :

08:30–12:50 Plenary talk and Conference session
12:50–14:30 Lunch & coffee
13:30–16:10 Conference session
16:30–17:30 Foam-Utilisateurs general assembly

Some of the forthcoming presentations :
  • Jet in Co-Fow: The non-reactive and reactive case (Domenico Lahaye)

  • Using OpenFOAM® for modelling of metallurgical processes (Matveichev Alexey)

  • Benchmark cases for testing dynamic contact angle models (Gamet Lionel & al)

  • Simulation of reactive Taylor flows (Tourbier Alexis)

  • Computational Model Builder (CMB) for OpenFOAM (Mazen François)    

  • Performance estimation of the large wingsail CWS beyond uniform conditions with CFD (Gouriou Clément & al)

  • C.O.N.E.S.: a numerical environment for on the fly data assimilation in OpenFOAM (Villanueva Lucas)

  • Sharp Interface Immersed Boundary Method for Compressible Flows in OpenFOAM (Chemak Mohamed Amine & al)

  • Openfoam use in the framework of an Art/ Science collaboration (Reveillon Julien & al)

  • Automatic structured mesh from block-cutted CAD (Otaola Franco)

  • A mixed resolved-unresolved CFD-DEM for particulate flows with application to pore clogging (Maya Lorez & al)

  • The role of moving objects on sediment transport processes (Puig Montellà Eduard & al)

  • A physics-informed data-driven Immersed Boundary Method using online sequential Data Assimilation (Martínez Valero & al)

  • Numerical Simulation of a non-reactive/reactive flow in a photocatalytic cell with OpenFOAM (Juhan Thibaut)

  • Automated and controlled mesh generation by combination of blockMesh and Python (Ruiz-Hussmann Karla & al)

  • Development of an OpenFoam sediment transport solver for scour modeling (Renaud Matthias & al)

  • Electro-Enhanced Bioremediation: A Promising Approach for Tackling Contaminant Migration in Porous Media (Eddaoui Noura & Al)

  • Fluidsimfoam, a new Python framework for running and postprocessing OpenFOAM simulations (Augier Pierre & al)

  • Unravelling the mysteries of the comet's surface: Simulating rarefied sublimated water vapour flow through a porous dust layer with OpenFOAM (Mokhtari Omar & al)

  • Developments for simulating condensation and evaporation process, (Ferro Paulin & al)

  • Multiphysics modeling of the production, the transport and the separation of the fission products existing in the fuel salt of a Molten Salt Reactor (MSR), (Marone Martin & al)

  • CFD Simulation of a Two-Phase Loop Thermosyphon, (Caner Julien & al)

  • Turbulent dispersion models improvement on OpenFoam : Application to rail brake particles in confined environment (Guaquiere Charles)

  • ...


The conference will be held in IMAG building at 700, avenue centrale 38401 Saint Martin d’Hères, easily accessible by taxi, tram, bike or bus from the city center. The conference also includes a visit to ARTELIA’s laboratory and a get together reception.

The conference reception will take place at 20:00 in the restaurant "L'épicurien" : 1 Place aux Herbes 38000 Grenoble, in the city center

Organizing Committee





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